NEMI Educational Platform

Science and Education at All Scales

This platform provides a variety of educational and scientific resources openly available to the NEMI community and all scientists, users, and students interested in electron microscopy and related techniques. Here you will find seminars (live and recorded), workshops, and courses at the core of the NEMI community.

This is a bottom-up initiative: everyone is encouraged to propose seminars, courses and other activities. The platform provides all the logistics and the means for advertising to ensure a maximal visibility of these activities.

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Seminars and Workshops

Would you like to organise a seminar, colloquia, and a workshop or a conference of relevance for the NEMI community? Send us a proposal and we will assist you with the organization of your online scientific event and of its advertisement within the community.

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Are you a bachelor, master or PhD student looking for introductory or advanced courses in electron microscopy? Check this Forum for available courses suitable for your needs.

Are you a professor who would like to reach a wider audience for your course? Contact us and we will provide the infrastructure to make your online course available to the whole community.

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Contact us

Everyone is encouraged to propose seminars, courses, and workshops. We are looking forward to host your event!